Saturday, February 28, 2009

Manipulators 2 and ModelMayhem

I had heard about ModelMayhem and set up a couple of models for a photoshoot for Manipulators 2 at Moorpark.
I was all set and spent an hour

setting up the studio and lights,
and then waited for an hour after
the scheduled time for the models.
Amanda Baylie Brown was my
contact and she had a friend
that she was gong to bring along
for the male part. They were a no-show. And after setting up, it was a little disheartening. I went over to
the drama department and found


and Daniel was hanging around the photolab and was able to help out. Tracy was scheduled to go on stage for a play so she had 10 minutes when I found her, I think she was in the studio for a total of 6 minutes for the shoot.

At that point, I would have liked to have more time during the shoot, but I am always able to work with what I get and work in a usual rushed form. I don't like being rushed, but I find that I work like thatr alot, sometimes from my own mistakes, sometimes from unmitigating circumstances.

I was grateful that Tracy and Daniel were available at the drop of a hat. I won't be using Amanda for any future shoots.

Manipulators 2
"Manipulators 2"


Burger Joint 81/365
We took Jaden to In-N-Out Burger. I hadn't put together a mosaic in a long time, but I really enjoy these. Especially the ones that I am able to get creative with.

Manipulators 1

I had a few different ideas for the new portfolio, and I started to settle on relationships and emotions, centering on the negative side of controlling personalities and manipulators.

I decided to use a diptych format, showing one view (the view that we all see) and then the other a separate camera angle showing more of the behind the scenes view... what we all don't see in peoples lives.

Janel had moved into a new apartment and so she had not moved much furniture in and I thought that it would be a great place to shoot, as there would be less in the shot to affect the viewer and distract from the people and emotions.

this series stems from not only personal experiences with manipulating persons, but seeing other people go through hell from controlling personalities.